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Due to the announcement that all Le Cordon Bleu Campus Locations in the US will be closing their doors, the Bleu Ribbon Kitchen Program will be ceasing operations as of June 25th, 2016. The last class offered will be on June 25th for all locations. For any inquiries related to redeeming gift cards or third party coupons please email: guestservices@bleuribbonkitchen.com.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you are booking using a third party coupon when making a class reservation.** Please be sure that you are able to attend the date and time that you select. Due to limited space, we will not be allowing any rescheduling using third party coupons. If you are unable to attend the date and time for which you have booked, you will need to make arrangements to attend or send someone else in your place. If you do not show up for your scheduled date and time, the coupon is considered void and you will not be reimbursed.

About Bleu Ribbon Kitchen

Bleu Ribbon Kitchen Workshops from the legendary Le Cordon Bleu were created for the cooking enthusiast as a way to share tips and techniques of the professionals, giving those passionate about cooking an opportunity to enhance their skills. Le Cordon Bleu, the world’s #1 culinary educator,* designed the Bleu Ribbon Kitchen workshops to fit busy lifestyles and interests. By offering Saturday Petit Workshops, anyone can explore world cuisines or concentrate on specific techniques and skills. All workshops are taught by Le Cordon Bleu professional chefs in the same commercial kitchens that aspiring culinarians are taught in.

About Le Cordon Bleu

Our heritage of culinary excellence and strong educational leadership dates back to 1895 when the first Le Cordon Bleu school opened its doors in Paris. Since then, Le Cordon Bleu has trained generations of culinary professionals. Building on rich tradition, our curriculum teaches classic techniques developed by the French as the basis for all types of cuisine, spiced with innovations culled from global influences.
The training Le Cordon Bleu North America students receive combines precision techniques with industry-current technology and equipment.  It is designed to help aspiring professional cooks prepare for the challenges of an ever-changing culinary world. To this day, our schools, follow the guiding principles established by the original school: informative demonstrations, hands-on teaching by experienced instructors, fine ingredients, and foundational techniques. In recognition of student’s accomplishments, graduates receive a specialized degree, along with the coveted Le Cordon Bleu Diplôme.

History of Le Cordon Bleu

The name “Cordon Bleu” [meaning Blue Ribbon] is rich with history and heritage. It has been synonymous with excellence since 1578, when King Henry III created the exclusive “L’Ordre des Chevaliers du Saint Esprit” [The Order of the Holy Spirit]. Because the members, royalty included, were awarded the Cross of the Holy Spirit, which hung from a blue ribbon, they were called “Cordon Bleus”.
The sumptuous banquets which accompanied their award ceremonies became legendary. In 1895, Marthe Distel, a French journalist, founded a weekly culinary publication entitled “La Cuisinière Cordon Bleu,” which became the basis and reference for what is now perhaps one of the largest recipe collections in the world. It contributed to the codification of French Cuisine. Following the popularity of the publication, the first Le Cordon Bleu school officially opened its doors in Paris in 1895. From the beginning, celebrated Chefs of the time came to teach at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, including the legendary Chef Henri-Paul Pellaprat. The cooking classes were an immediate success, and the reputation of the school spread rapidly worldwide. Students in the United States have been able to share in this rich heritage since 1998 when the Le Cordon Bleu program was brought to America.


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