1 day Workshop

La Cocina Mexicana

Delicious flavor combinations, time-tested cooking techniques, and a cultural heritage rich in culinary history make this one of the most diverse and delicious cuisines on the planet.

2 day Workshop

Mastering Cakes & Decorating

Baking and frosting a cake are just the first steps in creating an edible work of art. Take your cake artistry to the next level with this two day, hands-on course taught by Le Cordon Bleu’s best bakers.

1 day Workshop

The Italian Series: Fresh Pasta

Pasta can be a universal crowd-pleaser, but there’s no reason you should always have to reach for the box of dried stuff. In this one-day, hands-on course you’ll learn how to prepare and shape fresh pastas.

1 day Workshop

The Italian Series: Pizza Night

Dress it up or dress it down, play it safe or get creative - no matter how you spin it, pizza night is always a hit. In this hands-on course you’ll work side-by-side with our chefs as you prepare your own from-scratch pizza dough and fresh mozzarella. You’ll then spin them into classic and customized pies complete with Antipasti.